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The ideas of designing the tour for photographers
The tour consists of 12 nights/13 days in China with 4 destinations: Shanghai, Lishui, Xiapu and Xiamen (plus Nanjing Countyof Fujian, not Nanjing City of Jiangsu).

Shanghai: the most dynamic metropolis in China, where the new meets the old, the East meets the West. You will have a chance to spot the lives of the local people in vogue or timeworn patina with your lens. This time we are going to some places like old alleys first built during the colonial period, less traveled by the regular tourists. Vibrant street life and vignettes are abundant in Shanghai, especially along the alleyways (Longtang called by locals). Another highlight is to visit one of the Art Zones of Shanghai: M50 OR West Bund Art Center to have a glimpse of modern arts of China. During the free day, you can arrange your own photography theme, or follow the national guide to explore more of the local’s life.
Located 420 km southwest of Shanghai, Lishui is a prefecture-level city in the southwest of Zhejiang province (260 south of Hangzhou). The name of the city literally means "Beautiful Water", it pronounces like Lee-shui, not lie-shui. In 1999, Lishui was named as the first “Chinese Town of Photography” by Chinese Photographers Association. Around the area, there are quite a few beautiful sites for photography. Since we will be there in Oct., the rice has been harvested, we won’t shoot the rice terraces here. Instead, it is usually sunny there in autumn, we can have a better chance to take the photos of sail boat on the river, an old village and scenic spot Xiandu for great water reflection.
Xiapu is a county in the municipal region of Ningde, Fujian, located along a stretch of East China Sea coast, with many bays, harbors and islands. Since there are many great resources like its unique geological condition (mud flat/beach), seaweed farm/working fishermen, ethnic people, and old villages, etc. It is famous among photographers. Many award winning photos in China and abroad were from here. Telephoto lens of 300mm or 400mm are highly recommended here, as well as filters including polarizer, graduated neutral density, neutral density. We are going to stay here for 4 nights, it is the most important part of this tour. We will hire local farmers to work as our models for some certain scenes.
October is a harvest time for laver – an edible seaweed. The weather is very comfortable, cooler than the heat of summer, and there are lots of people working in the villages/farm.
Xiamen (plus Nanjing), formerly known from its Hokkien pronunciation as Amoy, is a coastal city in southeastern Fujian province, beside the Taiwan Strait. You will stay at a nice hotel on Gulangyu Island, which was inscribed in the list of World Cultural Heritage sites in 2017. It is another great place for shooting the lifestyle of local people, together with the unique architectures of colonial period. Then you will have one day tour to Nanjing to see the Hakka houses (tulou, UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, 2008), a traditional dwelling for Hakka people. Once they were thought to be the Chinese missile silos after US satellite took the pictures from the outer space.

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