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Ladakh with Golden Temple Photography Tour

July 20 - August 1 2024   8 guests max

This is going to be absolutely the most epic tour for photography.

At 11,000 ft above sea level, the scenery in this area is just stunning! 

Photographers from around the world are invited to join one of our tours commencing in Delhi.

This is a 12 night tour with accommodation, all meals, gratuities and all that is included in the itinerary.

Please arrange your flights to arrive in Delhi 05.55 (Delhi time) Singapore Airlines has a flight at this time, or arrive the day earlier, Atik will meet you at the airport. He can arrange hotel booking at your cost.

If you would like our accredited travel agent Karen McNally to make your bookings

on your behalf contact

We have three internal flights on tour and will need to restrict the weight of our luggage

to 15k plus on board camera bag.

Altitude sickness has to be considered at this height, you will see cannisters of oxygen in your room!

Susan suggests you visit your gp and get altitude sickness tablets, which will commence before departure.   When Susan visited Lhasa Tibet also at the same height, she took the tablets and had 

no issues. She can still remember her fingers and toes tingling

when climbing to the top of the Potala Palace!

The first few nights are in Leh to make the best of all the photography opportunities there. 

Near to the end we return to Delhi and then for a one night stop over to see the 

magnificent Golden Temple.

Atik's experience leading photography tours assures us of the best places to visit for photography.

 He often has a surprise for us, or spots an opportunity along the way and will stop the bus

so we don't miss out!  For more images visit this website


Click on the box below for the full itinerary

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