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A peaceful scene across the lake
Lake view

This is my first Blog post! I have been on a big learning curve and I've had Lester from Wix helping me with optimising my website so it will be found on Google. After having a long line of things in the SEO that needed to be worked on and all showing in red, I now have completed the list and they have gone black!

All my images on the site had to be named and alternative text, no jpg showing, just finished this.

Now I await Google to search and find the alterations and update my pages so that when people are doing a search they see the right words about the page and not the outdated ones that were there.

Wix are so good with their assistance, I spent a couple of hours with Lester after he phoned me, he came onto my website and showed me what I should do in each instance. Invaluable help, thanks must go to Wix and Lester.

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