Varanasi & the Pushkar Camel Fair 2022

The weeks  are certainly flying by and five of us will be off on this tour before we know it!

Everyone is so excited to be going! We still have space for a few more photographers to come with us.

So if you are thinking of joining us it would be best to get your booking done

as soon as possible so Karen our travel agent can secure your flights for you. 

This is a wonderful Photography tour for you to enjoy 
We will visit Varanasi for the Dev Divali Light Festival, a feature will be going out on a boat to view the festival on the banks of the Ganges River 
In Pushkar there will be 1000's of highly decorated camels and other animals 

We will visit other towns in Rajasthan which will be memorable for you.

International visitors have been arriving in India for several months now and is safe for travel. Our tour is booked at the best hotels and uses best transport. care is taken as to where we go for meals
and for our safety at all times.

The flight from Perth departs late afternoon the day prior to the tour starting in Delhi. We will be taken to the hotel in Delhi after being collected from the airport to relax for the day,
then meet Atik for dinner to discuss the tour.

Itineraries are inclusive of flights from Australia, gratuities  and land content as specified.
Just a few meals to pay for but the are very economical.
 Max 10 photographers plus Susan. With Atik's experience he will take us to the very best places to capture wonderful images. Susan is very happy to share what settings she is using and the networking that goes on is just wonderful!

International photographers who would like to come with us McNally travel can arrange your flights.
Please note we have flights within India and the luggage allowance is 15k and onboard
bag allowance is 7k.  Please see my travel tips on ways to get your camera gear onboard with you.  I plan to travel light! We don't dress up for dinner!  Should be around 27 - 28c during the day, cooler at night so best to take a light jacket.  

Mc Nally Travel is an accredited Travel Agent with ATAS

Click on the itinerary below to view full details and book. 


Like to find out more about these tours?

If you are in Perth Susan would be very happy to meet you and have a coffee/tea.
Or just would like to chat with Susan about the tour?

TWIN SHARE - if you would like to find someone to go twin share with you

Please message Susan to arrange


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