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Susan is passionate about her photography.  Being out and about with her camera in hand gives Susan so much pleasure.

In 2018 & 2019 Susan lead photography tours in China. A third was planned for 2020 but sadly cancelled due to covid.  September 2024 is the next tour

India has always been a favourite since first visiting in 2016 then in 2017, when she met Atik and they kept in touch. In November 2022 Susan's first tour with Atik was to Varanasi and the Pushkar Camel Fair with a group of 4 and was highly successful.  The second tour Incredible India and Holi Festival in Feb 2023 and a group of 7.  In March 2024 Magical India with Holi Festival with 3 participants.  Both very successful.

Susan enjoys leading the group tours and working with her guests before and during their time together on tour. Nothing gives her greater pleasure than sharing her love of India with her guests, the colour, the friendly people and the wonderful scenery is so good. 

A love of landscapes, flowers and birds influences her choice of subjects. Street photography has become a big interest especially in India. 


Susan is an active member of the WA Camera Club Inc and enjoys participating in the monthly competition night.


She is very proud to have her photography hanging in private collections around the world and to have won many International and Australian awards.

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