India really hits all your senses and Susan just loves the wonderful colour.

Rajasthan was amazing!

I am cold Mum

A little girl sits shivering and watching her mum doing the washing

The Potter

The potter Rajasthan India

Golden girl

Lovely young girl in her golden sari was walking in the gardens near the river behind the Taj

Udaipur sunrise

A lovely town situated on the river in Udiapur Rajasthan India

Udiapur Palace Rajasthan

A huge palace sitting high above the river

Morning Run

Two camel drivers and their camels taking a ride across the desert in Rajasthan India

Historic Observatory Jaipur

Known as the Jantar Manta it was completed in 1734

Looking out

In the building opposite the Taj and looking out

The Taj Mahal

The so inspiring Taj Mahal, my second visit so special

Vietnamese nuns at the Taj

A visiting group of young nuns having a wonderful time together

The Taj Mahal from the river

The view from the river side of the Taj although no water in the river!

At the Stepwells Jaipur Rajasthan

Two lovely young ladies at the stepwells. Such an amazing place.