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Susan and Atik invite you to join the 
Pushkar Camel Fair with Tiger Safari and Varanasi 
November 4 - 17 2024

On this tour we will visit small rural villages and experience how the locals live. 
There will be two rail journeys and two nights at  Ranthambhore to visit the National Park for Tigers
and Leopards and then for a night at Bharatpur to visit the famous Keoladeo National Park for birds.

AUD 8566 single | AUD 8066 twin share per person      13 nights       Max 8 guests
Inclusive of all included in itinerary, accommodation, meals and gratuities
Book your own flights or Karen our accredited travel agent is happy to assist you 

Photographers from around the world are invited to join us, or perhaps artists seeking images to paint.
At the Pushkar Camel Fair we will see all the highly decorated camels on show
and it will give you so many photographic opportunities. 
You will be delighted with the wonderful Heritage Hotels, Forts or Palaces that we stay in
and be so pleased that you will have the time to relax and enjoy them.
It is not a fast paced tour, we would like you to be able to make the most of every day. 
Atik is very happy to help you get the best shots on your camera or phone.
Last tour Susan had fun with multiple exposures!  We can do this together on this tour.
We'd love you to come and join us on this adventure and we can share the magic of India with you.
Susan is very happy to answer any questions you may have, use the contact form below
If you sould like to have an itinerary sent to you, give your email address in the contact form please

If you would like to join this wonderful photo tour with Susan, 
the mechanics of booking your trip are made easy.
Please email for next steps to reserve your place
on the Pushkar Camel Fair with Tiger Safari and Varanasi 2024

Leopard taken by Susan March 2024




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